The Ultimate Guide to Ghost Chairs

The Ultimate Guide to Ghost Chairs

A ghost chair may sound like an unusual piece of furniture… A vintage chair? One that hides away at the side of a room? In fact, it is quite the contrary.  

Ghost chairs are practical visually pleasing dining chairs that are said to act like chameleons in a room. A ghost chair is made out of a single mould of plastic, that is clear or see-through, (unless coloured). At the minimalist dining room table, the chair can make a modern statement and at a vintage styled table the chair blends in with the general feel of the room. They can be both a statement piece of furniture and one that blends in with the style of a room. The ghost chair has really lasted the test of time. Providing an elegant style of dining chair for anybody, at any table.  

The History Of The Ghost Chair 

The Ghost chair was created as an armchair in the reign of King Louis XVI (Marie Antoinette’s husband) and was based on the Neoclassical French Style of lounge chair. Neoclassical furniture and art became a statement of Louis XVI’s era, including anything with one simple colour or that gave a symmetrical or simple aesthetic. Designers at the time (1774-1791) incorporated lines, symmetrical shapes and straight edges to their portfolio of furniture pieces. It was a completely different look to previous time periods that had enjoyed rounded edges and ornate gilding.  

The Modern Aesthetic 

Despite originating in the 1700’s the Louis ghost chair has seemingly lasted the test of time. The simple design approach has made it a great piece of furniture to be used as a dining chair.  

Over time ghost chairs have become ambiguous as to where they can be placed in a home and as to what styles of home they match. Their consistent design features mean that across the board they are a comfortable piece to sit in. The simplicity of the ghost chair and hardy materials also means that they have better longevity than material/fabric chairs or chairs with a lot of joins and intricacies.  

They have been incorporated into family homes and dining tables time and time again, through different style fads and continue to be a reliably timeless design.  

Real Ghost Chairs vs Replica Ghost Chairs 

For many pieces of furniture, you may think that the more true to the original - the better. This is not the case for Ghost Chairs, there are valid pros and cons to purchasing both the real ghost chair and a replica.  
Here are some of the key differences. 

Original Ghost Chair 

  • These are made of polycarbonate, long lasting. 
  • More prone to scratching and chipping 
  • This material discolours (yellows) overtime. 
  • Most original ghost chairs can only be sourced at antique stores, which makes generating a set difficult.  
  • These chairs are very expensive! 

Replica Ghost Chair 

  • Made from acrylic which is more scratch and knock resistant. 
  • Does not discolour.  
  • Easily replaced, or new chairs can be purchased easily to add to your set. 
  • Chairs can be stacked easily. 
  • True Furniture guarantees our replica ghost chairs are high quality materials and production.   

Casper Ghost Chair 

All True Furniture’s Ghost chairs are replica products, which makes these stunning pieces of furniture more affordable and long lasting than the original quality chairs.  

We offer two types of Casper Ghost chairs. The Casper Dining chair which is a replica Victoria Ghost chair and Casper Dining chair which is a replica Louis Ghost chair 

The crystal appearance gives the chair an elegant timelessness, and the chair itself is sturdy, comfortable and durable!  

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