How To Choose The Perfect Dining Chairs

How To Choose The Perfect Dining Chairs

The dining room is the feature room of any home. It is where we spend much of our day socialising, eating, doing work, playing games and spending quality time with friends and family. That is why the aesthetic of the room should be a priority for any home. Make sure you have comfortable chairs to sit on that fit with the design and long term use of the room. True Furniture is passionate about offering chairs that are designed with quality and practicality. 

Here are some tips on how you can choose the perfect dining chairs.  

Measure your table and dining area 

Having a set of chairs that perfectly fit the space and dimensions of your dining area is important. Measuring the dimensions of the table will give you an idea of how many chairs will fit within the confines of the table interior. The shape of the table will have an impact on how many chairs can be placed around the table, i.e. round or square, oval or rectangle.  

When you have exact measurements of your table, determine whether you will have a tablecloth, want a little more space between chairs and if there are any obstacles surrounding the table (including the wall) that may impact the placement of the chairs in relation to the table. Consider how a dining chair set may fit in with these factors. Our Casper Dining Chair (armless) is a great chair that prevents tablecloths from impacting your dining experience and fits neatly under a dining table.  

Measure the size of the dining chair 

Once you have a comprehensive understanding of your personal space, and where you will be dining then compare this to the online or in-person chairs you intend to buy. Elements such as the gap between the seat surface and table contribute to comfort when seated around a dining table. If you have an adjustable chair available, experiment with your preferred heights. Establishing a comfortable height and design is important in purchasing a dining chair. Ensuring long term comfort and enjoyment. Our designer Casper Dining Chair with Arms is designed at a universal ideal height and provides great comfort when seated around a table.

How to pick the right dining chair style 

Style is really dependent on your personal taste, but there are elements that can contribute to long term design satisfaction.  

Is the dining set a feature in a room? You may want to go for a statement piece.  

What is the style of your dining room - vintage? Retro? Modern? Minimalist? Consider if the style matches the general aesthetic to ensure you are content long term with your dining chairs.  

Our Black Casper Dining Chairs are a great style selection as black offers a toned down, sleek look. These black chairs beautifully fit with most room types. 

How to pick the right dining chair material 

The material of a chair can make or break the comfort level. Sourcing a design with a material that suits your needs is important. There are a range of great options, and it pays to trial a few to see which is comfortable for you. A unique material that provides that extra comfort is leather. True Furniture's Franklin PU Leather Dining Chair is popular for this reason. The sides and comfortable leather fabric provides a designer chair with optimal comfort in its design. 

Whatever your choice in the chair, make sure to take time to find the right dining chair for you.   

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